Born in London, my photographic journey started at an early age.

They were the days of film, and learning about light, tonality and composition, together with the technical aspects of the camera, became a journey of discovery that I enjoyed very much. The digital age omitted the need for chemical baths to develop film, but the technicalities of a good image remained, just within a different technology.

I gained experience in most genre's of the art, but was drawn to street and documentary photography, with its inquisitive undertones. I like the way that an image will provoke questions. I see something that will compel me to press the shutter button, but what I see, and what you may see, are two different things. Who are they? Where are they going? What are they thinking? A single image can be interpreted in so many ways, and rarely will two people think exactly the same, or have the same feelings about the scene.

This is what I love about my area of photography. I want to cause debate and thought about an image. I have my own feelings about what I am seeing, and in capturing the scene, I freeze the moment, or tell that story.

In these days of the 'selfie', so much more is being missed around us. We are not seeing life going on around us, and have become insular, unobservant, and perhaps uninterested.  

My preferred monochrome presentation of images is not to everyone’s taste, but the tonality, contrast and luminance of an image can bring it to life, in my humble opinion. That’s not to say that I don’t take colour images, I certainly do, I just have a comfortable relationship with black and white, which I enjoy greatly, and feel it is representative of city life, and the hustle and bustle within them.

My intent is to capture this ever changing world, with its good and bad points, and create images and art for people to enjoy, wherever they may live.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work, as much as I did creating it.   




If you wish to discuss the purchase of any of my images, commissions, tuition in the use of your own camera, or anything else, please feel free to use the ‘Contact’ page to get in touch.



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